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We design and develop the PHR infrastructure considering economically sustainable, compliance to regulation in each country and visually understandable/controllable evaluation process and information value and risks.

In this service, we will help you from one specific part to whole architectural design leveraging broad governmental/academic connections to meet your requirements. 


Developing a patient/health-practitioner-centralized PHR

1. Current Situation

 2. Our Plan


Principles of PHR from a Viewpoint of Privacy Protection

- Effective, but not well referred guidelines have already been set in Japan, based on past considerations as below;

  1. Ensure that individuals can collect, store and utilize information concerning their own health with the aim of maintaining and improving QOL (Quality of Life).
  2. Information shall be owned by individuals, to be collected, stored, referred to and disclosed on an individual base, and controlled by themselves.
  3. The target health information covers a wide range including prevention, medical treatment and nursing care.
  4. (For GDPR Requirement)
    Personal data should be trackable and removable  through blockchain technology and meet “Right to be forgotten” policy

- As we strongly support and comply to these guidelines, adding economical policies below;

  1. Leakage risks should be visualized even the information is anonymized
  2. The anonymization process should be done multidirectionally, with multi-evaluators (Multi-Privacy-Notions) as follows;

    k-anonymity, ℓ-diversity, t-Closeness, δ-Disclosure, ε-differential, δ-Presence, etc.

  3. Value of the information should be presented concurrently according to the anonymization level

Overview of PHR Cloud with Wearable Devices